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5 Essential Downsizing Home Features That You Need to Know

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5 Essential Downsizing Home Features That You Need to Know

As you go through different phases in your lives, you’ll have moments where having a bigger home makes more sense with the type of lifestyle you’re living. This is only practical as your needs will change, making the large home that you have now less suitable for your current lifestyle.

Because your needs will change and your new lifestyle demands a new environment, you might find yourself looking for a property with its size as a big factor. Most people find that downsizing their homes is the best solution for bigger changes. This is because when you downsize, you reduce costs and clutter and live a simpler life.

If you’re thinking of jumping into a new chapter and downsizing to a smaller home and looking for real estate tips and tricks, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ve compiled different features you should look for in a smaller home:

1. Single-level homes

What makes a large house harder to manage are the different levels with different rooms you have to maintain and clean. When you downsize, you can opt to look for homes with only a main floor living feature. 

When you have all the necessary rooms on one level, it’ll be more convenient and accessible for you and the people who live with you, making it much easier to manage and tidy up your home. 

2. Broader halls and doors

Other features that you should take into consideration when downsizing are wider doors and hallways. This is because your home will look and feel more open and spacious, allowing you to navigate through your house easily. 

3. Open floor plan

Since making your home feel spacious even after a downsize is essential, an open floor plan works best for your new living situation.

Divisions and walls make your home feel tinier, compact, and less comfortable. But with an open floor plan, you’ll have the freedom to move around and allow more light in your space, making it feel bigger.

Additionally, with an open floor plan, connecting with other people in other rooms will not be a problem, and accessibility will be a great asset to your home. 

4. Clever storage spaces

When finding a home, one of the most valuable real estate tips and tricks is to look for a house with excellent storage space. Storage space is especially important when you’re downsizing from a bigger home. 

When you find a home with creative storage solutions, you won’t have difficulty finding spaces for your most valuable items. Having an efficient storage space will also help you practice purchasing items that you only need and have a more organized and less cluttered life. 

5. Access to different amenities and facilities

Lastly, whether you’re downsizing or not, make sure the home you’re looking for is located near essential amenities. Amenities like grocery stores, medical facilities, public transportation, and the like are necessary conveniences that need to be accessible from your home.

This is because you want to make sure that should there be any emergencies, you’ll be able to make your way to these amenities without any problem. Although size and floorplans matter, your home’s location is just as important. 


Now that you know the different features you need to consider when downsizing and hunting for your new home, you’ll have a smoother experience, and you’ll definitely find the perfect one. By reading more real estate resources from reliable websites, such as Everything Real Estate, you’ll be informed about the real estate industry and how the whole system works. This way, house hunting will be such a breeze!

Are you looking for home downsizing tips? Articles from Everything Real Estate can help you plan on buying, selling, or investing in real estate around Edmonton. You will find valuable real estate tips, resources, ideas, and information to help you with your home needs through our site. Read through our articles today!

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