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5 Steps To Determining The Best Edmonton Community For You

Edmonton village

5 Steps To Determining The Best Edmonton Community For You

Sometimes, you just need a new environment. Moving can provide a fresh start and perspective for you and your family, but it can also be a little tricky to find the right suburb for your place. There are so many communities and potential homes within Edmonton that you would want to find the right fit where you could blend in and start anew.

Planning can take weeks, even months, before you start to narrow down your choices. Here are a few ways that can help you decide and speed up your search 

Communicate With Your Family

The first step home seekers should consider is their family’s comfort and wants in a community. Maybe your kids feel like meeting other children in the neighbourhood, or your partner wants to join a particular club to socialize again. It’s worth considering whether a community will be able to have that in store for you.

Maybe they want to live in a large area or somewhere with quieter streets, like Bonnie Doon. Talk to your family about what they want from a certain location and see whether it would be a good fit. Edmonton has a lot of diverse circles, so you would be welcomed almost anywhere.

Check Where You Need To Be Near

Because you have kids growing up and errands to run, having a community near some establishments can be a huge perk that you should take into consideration. Check the schools and the streets included in the potential bus route.

Living near establishments such as convenience stores and malls is also a considerable advantage, along with being near places where you could order meals. You wouldn’t have to drive too far, and the short distance can save time and money in the long run. 

Look At What A Location Has To Offer

If you want to find a neighbourhood where they can have a mini adventure and cycle, maybe consider Crestwood for its ravines and bike lanes. However, if you’re looking for a bustling place with galleries and nightclubs around the corner, perhaps you should live near Downtown instead.

See The House Styles In The Area

Every family has their dream home, and Edmonton has plenty of styles to choose from. Most places like Spruce Grove have standard duplex homes that charm most homeowners. If you’re looking for something that seems a little more homey and reminiscent of the last century, perhaps Westmount is better-suited for your family.

Reassess Your Budget

The last thing that can help you determine the perfect community for you in Edmonton is the budget. There are neighbourhood lots that are slightly expensive compared to other places because of the different amenities and how good the location is. 

When you’re moving to a new place, you have to consider the lot price, costs of interior design, the charges for moving, and the following taxes for where you plan to go. Discussing your financial position with an estate agent will help narrow down your choices.


There’s so much to explore and consider when you’re going to go into a new community. Don’t forget to take a day off and just observe the areas you want to go to with your kids. Let them roam around and tell you what they think. Who knows, maybe they have some input on whether that location is the right place or not.

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