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6 Reasons to Move to Edmonton: What Home Buyers Need to Know

Move to Edmonton

6 Reasons to Move to Edmonton: What Home Buyers Need to Know

When it comes to buying a home in Canada, you may be just like any typical buyer who goes for homes in popular cities, like Toronto and Quebec. While there may be prime homes in these cities, one of the best-kept secrets among sellers and knowledgeable home buyers is to expand your options. That is why Edmonton is also becoming a popular choice in the real estate market. But what exactly makes it a viable option? 

This article will discuss the reasons home buyers like you should consider Edmonton for your next home. Take this as an opportunity to widen your real estate options in the Great White North to make investment-forward decisions that will maximize your home purchasing options. 

  • Edmonton has benefits as the provincial capital 

Edmonton is the provincial capital of Alberta, meaning you will have access to all the local government offices. For example, you can go to the Provincial Legislature of Alberta if you intend to apply for a government job. You can also take an active role in the community by raising community concerns to promote positive change for all. 

Edmonton also has no provincial sales taxes, which means a reduction in your purchase by five percent in federal goods and services. It enables you to have more buying power and create a more sustainable life for your new home. 

  • Edmonton provides convenient commuting while maintaining natural surroundings

There is a challenge for cities to keep their commuting options widely accessible while caring for the environment. And it’s fair to say that Edmonton upholds this civic duty well through its state-of-the-art transit system and large urban parks along the North Saskatchewan River. This unique city experience allows you to have an enriching lifestyle with easy access to city hubs and nature—a rare find in any real estate market! 

  • It’s always sunny in Edmonton!   

The general stereotype among homebuyers in Canada is they will never find time in the sun because of the almost-year-round cold weather. However, that is not the case for cities like Edmonton, where you can expect as many as 16 hours of refreshing sunlight every day. It means you won’t have to worry about adjusting much to the weather when you move to your new home! 

  • Edmonton has the best shopping experiences 

If you are a bargain hunter or shopping enthusiast, you can satisfy your need to shop at West Edmonton Mall, one of Canada’s most coveted shopping malls with an area that spans 48 city blocks! It features dozens of choice restaurants, a fantastic skating rink, and countless shops fit for any weekend shopping getaway! The best part about Edmonton’s shopping experience is you can easily invite friends and family because it’s accessible through the convenient rail system. 

  • Edmonton is home to the best festivals and cultural experiences 

When you look for a new home, you may want to learn more about different cultures and make new friends. Edmonton can provide you with that. It is home to Fort Edmonton Park, the pinnacle of Canadian cultural history made possible through its comprehensive museum displays. 

Edmonton also has a total of 30 festivals and 50 events; that’s a grand annual total of 80 activities that you and your family can enjoy! These experiences enable you and your family to live a more enriching life filled with excitement!  

  • Edmonton consistently tops best neighbourhood rankings 

Home buyers like you need to find an ideal neighbourhood that can accommodate your needs. Fortunately, Edmonton is not in short supply of prime neighbourhoods like Oliver, Westmount, and Strathcona. These neighbourhoods have nearby commercial businesses, like retail shops and restaurants, that you can conveniently access by walking or taking public transit. That way, you can easily meet your household’s needs and easily resell your home later on if you decide to move. 


Edmonton can be your next best move as a home buyer, but you have to make sure that you know why it stands out in the first place. Fortunately, you now see why it’s an ideal place to live. You just have to look for other real estate resources and find real estate agents near you to buy the perfect home. 

Remember all the previously mentioned information and invest in an Edmonton home today! 

Everything Real Estate is your online secret weapon as Edmonton home buyers. We provide you with a range of useful real estate resources to empower you to make the best real-estate-based decisions. Browse through our site and find your new, perfect home in Edmonton! 

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