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How to Do a Great Showing to a Potential Renter

Potential Renter

How to Do a Great Showing to a Potential Renter

If you are trying to rent out your property for a while now but are unsuccessful, then there are chances that you are doing something wrong. Our real estate agents believe that showing your property to prospective tenants is an art. And to help you excel in that art, we have listed down a few tips that will help you succeed.

Fix Up Everything

If you think that you can attract a tenant and make a deal with all the plumbing issues and structural problems that you have in your house, you are sadly mistaken. A renter will choose your house only if it “looks and feels” good. Therefore, invest in repairing everything that isn’t in its best shape. You may not find it necessary to repair the flaws because you won’t be living in it. But flaws will not only keep your house on the market for longer but also lower the rental amount that people may be willing to agree.

Highlight the Best Parts

If your home has something special that potential renters may not usually find in other homes, highlight it. Highting should be done physically as well as verbally. Let’s say your property has a water element like a fountain. You should highlight it with proper lighting around it. Also, you must stress on the feature while showing your home to all the potential tenants.

Set the Temperature

At this point, it’s very cold in Calgary. Don’t make your potential tenants feel the same amount of cold when they are in your house. You may not realize this, but the temperature inside your house plays a vital role in the decision-making process of the tenant too. The motive is to make the renters feel comfortable, and setting the right temperature is a way of doing that. Depending on the weather outside, set the right temperature for people to move around comfortably.

Communicate Well

Communication is key, and throughout the process, you must communicate well with every potential renter that walks in. Right from explaining the pros (and cons, too) of the property to informing them what all is included when they choose to rent the place, communicate every minute detail. Don’t feel shy or reluctant to share information as doing so may create confusion or misunderstandings later. Let everything be in the open, and leave room for discussions thereafter. If you can’t communicate well, let your real estate agents do it for you.

When you keep your real estate agents by your side, you can expect them to guide you before the open house and throughout the showing process. So, make sure you invite them whenever a potential renter plans to visit you.

If you don’t have a real estate agent yet, give us a call immediately. We will be your helping friend starting now on.

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