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Scouting Your Future Community: 3 Neighbourhoods to Consider

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Scouting Your Future Community: 3 Neighbourhoods to Consider

Homebuyers looking for a viable property in the market are very meticulous about choosing the right home for a long-term purchase. This is why property owners utilize different marketing methods to attract an audience, from captivating drone shots to immersive virtual tours. These modern techniques of highlighting a home’s selling points can give a potential home buyer a better scope of the property they’re purchasing. However, none of these features will have any value if the community isn’t a good fit for them. After all, a home is only as valuable as the neighbourhood it’s in.

A neighbourhood defines a home’s value

The neighbourhood around your property can set particular standards on why its prices are as high as they are. Some communities are closer to commute routes, while others are nearer to essential amenities. Besides the modern kitchen and plumbing fixtures, accessibility is what you’re paying a mortgage for. This is why homebuyers need to research the pros and cons of their respective home’s surroundings

If you plan to buy a home in Edmonton, here are three neighbourhoods you might want to consider:

1. Mclaughlin

Not everyone’s a fan of staying close to the city, which is why McLaughlin is a popular pick among homebuyers. Sitting just outside Spruce Grove’s city limits, you can be nearby the city but near a much more peaceful environment. There are numerous stores and restaurants to visit, with locals having a regular jogging path through the Heritage Grove Pathway System. Additionally, McLaughlin’s nearness to the Tri-Leisure Rec Centre makes it a great community for family sports and activities.

3. Glenridding

Located in the Southwest Edmonton Area, Glenridding is situated within the Windermere community. Its strategic placement at the center of commerce makes it close to all the amenities you’ll need from a selection of shopping centres. Besides places to shop, there’s also an equal balance of urban and natural exhibits. There are tree-lined streets for commuters and joggers, together with several playgrounds for kids to enjoy. Additionally, there are numerous recreation centres, golf courses, and even snow resorts that you can visit during peak seasons.

3. Tamarack

Tamarack’s stack of condos and townhomes can make you feel at home if you want to stay close to the city with the appropriate urban ambiance. Its residents can enjoy nearby parks, playgrounds, and shopping centres. Additionally, the relatively new Meadows Recreation Centre is an excellent place for exercise and other unique activities.

Since Tamarack is a young and burgeoning community, property prices are generally lower. This means the property investment you put in real estate will continue to go up if you plan to get back your home’s investment in the future.


Although it’s important to rank a home’s practicality from its interiors and exteriors, you must also account for its strategic location. Finding the right home isn’t just about checking the ins and outs of a real estate listing; you should also review its surroundings and the potential value of spending a long time around that kind of environment. Since each community has its pros and cons, it’s best to align the benefits with your long-term goals. Having a long-term plan for your future will help you pick the right neighbourhood to begin the next milestone in your life.

Location and price aren’t the only factors you should consider when buying a home. Since it’s a long-term investment, you should know all there is to know from neighbourhood rankings to crime maps. If you need informative real estate resources in Edmonton, AB, get in touch with us today!

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