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Welcome To Edmonton Real Estate & Area Blog

Edmonton Real Estate

Welcome To Edmonton Real Estate & Area Blog

If there’s one city that is very liveable in every way, it is Edmonton! The second-largest city in Alberta is well-established and offers countless housing and leisure options. So irrespective of what you expect from the place you live in, Edmonton has a lot to offer to you. The city is filled with several tourist attractions that attract people from all over the world. And talking about the facilities and amenities, Edmonton has all of it. Edmonton is the 7th most walkable large city in Canada with a walkable score of 51.

The city is divided into various regions and neighbourhoods, and each of these neighbourhoods has its peculiar features and specialties. We will not just talk about neighbourhoods and areas in Edmonton but also around it. If you are planning to move to Edmonton or move to a new place inside the city, we will help you with the gist of the major parts of the city and around.

North East Edmonton Real Estate

The northeastern part of the city is newly established compared to the rest of Edmonton. With several neighbourhoods that were established in the last two decades, this area of Edmonton still sees the development of a lot of new areas and establishments. The majority of properties here are single-detached family houses. You will also find a lot of row houses and duplexes. And if you go to neighbourhoods like Evergreen, you will find several manufactured home communities here. The majority of homes in the northeast Edmonton are owned while a few are rented too, especially rented apartments. You will also have numerous restaurants, bars, cafes, and pubs in this area for having a meal or drink outside. Moreover, almost every neighbourhood has its own recreational centres that host social and recreational events regularly. Talking about commuting, this part of the city is well connected to the rest of the city. Northeast Edmonton has countless bus stops and many light rail transit stations.

North West Edmonton Real Estate

Looking for a modern neighbourhood to live in, the northwest part of the city is where you should be! With several neighbourhoods that were established in the last few years and some future areas, northwest Edmonton is the perfect example of innovation. You will find a lot of modern single-family detached homes and duplexes that you can own or rent as per your choice. If you are looking for a manufactured home park, you’ll find the community in the Westview Village.

The neighbourhoods of Starling, Trumpeter, and Kinglet Gardens are considered to be the safest places in the city from crime rate point-of-view. This area is perfect to be as it has the main highway Anthony Henday Drive to its right and Yellowhead Trail to the south. Glendale Golf & Country Club, Lois Hole Centennial Provincial Park, John E. Poole Wetlands, and Big Lake are some of the major attractions that you will find in this part of the city.


West Edmonton Real Estate

This part of the city is considered to be highly happening and lively. West Edmonton has the best of practically everything. The North Saskatchewan River separates the area from the rest of the city in the south. Also, the Anthony Henday Drive passes right from the centre of the area, which means the other major parts of the city are just a drive away. West Edmonton is blessed with the top golf clubs of the city like Windermere Golf & Country Club, River Ridge Golf & Country Club, Victoria Golf Course, and Royal Mayfair Golf Club. Some other major attractions include Edmonton Valley Zoo, Ice Castles, Fort Edmonton, and TELUS World of Science. Apart from being the best tourist spot in the city, West Edmonton homes several premium and some budget single-family homes and condominiums.


South East Edmonton Real Estate

The southeastern part of the city is culturally diverse and has countless recreational and leisure options to live life to the fullest. You will find the majority of owner-occupied single-family homes, rowhouses, duplexes, and also apartment-style condominiums. Depending on what you are looking for, you can find the right home at affordable costs. Southeast Edmonton is an ideal place to live as it is easily accessible from the rest of the city and recreational facilities, that too at affordable property cost and low crime rate. The Anthony Henday Drive borders the area on the right and then passes from east to west right through the neighbourhood. This makes travelling easy.


South West Edmonton Real Estate

If you wish to live close to the most popular attractions of Edmonton, then look for a house in southwest Edmonton. This area of the city is bounded by the Calgary Trail/Gateway Boulevard (Highway 2) to the east and the North Saskatchewan River to the west and northwest. New areas are being acquired and converted into residential neighbourhoods in southwest Edmonton. This means that you can find some of the modern housing options right here in the south. If you wish to rent an apartment, you can find several awesome condominiums in Kaskitayo and Riverbend areas. If not, you can find single-family homes, rowhouses, and duplexes in the whole of southwest Edmonton. This area of the city is blessed with several schools, religious spots, recreational centres, eateries, and a lot more. Snow Valley Ski Club, Derrick Golf and Winter Club, Edmonton Valley Zoo, Whitemud Creek Ravine South, and Fort Edmonton are just some of the major attractions here in down south.


Downtown Edmonton Real Estate

The core of the city is where you’ll find properties at the lowest price. The neighbourhoods in the centre comprise rented apartments in high-rise condominiums. So, if you are looking for rented homes at low costs, look for apartments in central neighbourhoods like Central McDougall, McCauley, Oliver, Queen Mary Park, Riverdale, and Garneau. Apart from rented apartments, you can buy affordable single-family homes and duplexes here. The major attractions of the city like the Commonwealth Stadium are located in the Downtown core. The only downside of this area is that the crime rate is very high here. But then you cannot overlook the fact that the core is perfectly well-connected to the rest of the city.


University Area & Whyte Avenue Real Estate

The south-central portion of the city is the hub of all students and their parents. This is the place where you’ll find all the leading schools, colleges, and institutions of Edmonton. If you have kids, we strongly recommend you living in this area. Although you’ll find the neighbourhoods like University Area, Strathcona, and Windsor Park filled with a lot of rental housing options occupied by the students of institutions, there are several condominiums and single-family detached homes. This is the place where you can try out fun activities like Urban Pedal Tours and High Level Bridge StreetCar. And talking about the crime rate, it is the least as compared to any other part of the city.


Leduc Real Estate

Although Leduc is a separate city located to the south of Edmonton, it is still a part of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region. Most neighbourhoods in Leduc are only a short distance from the city’s best amenities. You can buy a single-family house, duplex, or townhouse as per your requirement. The real estate prices are moderate in Leduc, something like an averagely decent neighbourhood in Edmonton. As well as shopping and restaurants, you’ll never be far away from essential services like schools and health centres. Thanks to the intersection of Queen Elizabeth II Highway and Anthony Henday Drive, you can easily access practically any part of Edmonton without much difficulty. And not to forget, Edmonton International Airport is more accessible from Leduc than Edmonton.


Sherwood Park Real Estate

If looking for homes on the outskirts of the city, Sherwood Park is probably what you must consider. You can easily get a house for about $100,000 in extremely liveable and safe neighbourhoods. Select from amazing single-family homes, duplexes, rowhouses, and rented apartments in high- or low-rise condominiums. Sherwood Park homes can be found in close to 50 distinct neighbourhoods that offer close proximity to outdoor hiking and biking adventures, community facilities and schools. Although Sherwood Park has a common issue of crimes, it is still a very harmonious community to live in with so many cultural and recreational facilities all around.

Sherwood Park is separated from the main city of Edmonton by the North Saskatchewan River. Also, the main Yellowhead Highway passes horizontally through the neighbourhood, thus making travelling to and from Edmonton easier.


St. Albert Real Estate

A small town to the northwest of Edmonton is St. Albert, a place ideal for a positive lifestyle. St. Albert affords residents an outstanding quality of life where they can enjoy a secure, small-town feel, without losing access to everything you could need from a big city. The place is a partial countryside area with a lot of trails and parks. Also, if you are looking for ways to socialize with people around you, annual block parties are a part of the community’s tradition, and over 150 different neighbourhood parties were held last year. Good policing, strong communities and caring neighbours contribute to the city’s safety and make St. Albert the safest city in Alberta.

And apart from these, the town also has St. Albert has had a reputation for offering mostly single-family homes. While these great homes are still there, the city now offers a variety of housing options including rental properties, apartment condos, townhomes and duplexes.


Stony Plain Real Estate

Stony Plain is a tiny town in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region of Alberta, away from the hustle-bustle of Edmonton’s city life. The town is also home to the Multicultural Heritage Centre, the Pioneer Museum, and multiple parks, including Shikaoi and Rotary, a skate park, a BMX park and a green path system running through town. Living in Stony Plain is practical fun thanks to low real estate costs and affordable lifestyle too. Despite being away from the city, Stony Plain definitely has a suburban vibe. The town has countless shopping places and eateries to enjoy life like you would at any other Albertan city. And if you ever wish to explore more, you can take the Parkland Highway that connects Edmonton’s Anthony Henday Drive. You can travel to any part of Edmonton because of this major highway that runs through the city.

Talking about housing, you can easily find affordable single-family homes and duplexes in this town away from the typical city life. And if you are looking for apartment homes in condominiums, you can find them too here.

Spruce Grove Real Estate

Located just a few miles away from the centre of Edmonton, Spruce Grove is yet another town that is a part of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region. The place is well-connected to Edmonton thanks to the Parkland Highway and Yellowhead Highway. The area has countless residential options available at low costs and still having high standards as compared to the ones you see in Edmonton. You can easily buy or rent a single-family home, duplex, or apartment in Spruce Grove. Spruce Grove is desirable for people looking to settle down and enjoy high-quality lifestyles with nature trails, shopping, dining and cultural experiences. Spruce Grove is in the Greater Edmonton Area with hundreds of activities to do in the countryside. Everything from berry tours, winery excursions, day trips, and so much more. And the town is completely safe to live in; the crime rate is much, much low compared to that in Edmonton Downtown.

So, where do you plan to live in Yeg? The choice is going to be difficult to make!

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