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Yeg Real Estate – How Home Staging Can Raise the Value of a Home for Sale

Home for Sale

Yeg Real Estate – How Home Staging Can Raise the Value of a Home for Sale

It goes without saying that before a house can be put on the market for sale, it should be in tip-top shape. Some people may not know that aside from maximizing the home’s value, it’s actually possible to raise it entirely.

Doing a thorough general cleaning of the premises and giving it a fresh coat of paint is one thing. There are also improvements that will require a contractor’s services, though not all of them will help towards the desired goal. Double-check on those before implementing them.

One way to raise the value of your home is through home staging. But how does home staging work its magic?

Home Staging

Making a home more attractive seems like a general thought, but what it entails is rather detailed. Staging the house, especially if the occupants still live there, upgrades the appeal for potential buyers and as a bonus, the comfort of current residents. 

Some areas that can be elevated by home staging include:

  • Bathroom – Given the rise in people who take the time for self-care, the bathroom also often doubles as a home spa. Even the standard fixtures can be upgraded, like a toilet that automatically flushes, stylish faucets for the sink, and if there’s rooma luxurious bathtub!
  • Dining Room – For better walkability, make sure chairs are pushed in whenever there’s a showing. While having many chairs may seem like a way to show off how much seating room there is, it may look too crowded instead. For bigger ones with a chandelier, place the table under it, if possible.
  • Kitchen – Small space? Don’t put any appliances on the counter. Larger areas will benefit from a small appliance or two, like a coffee maker. Have colorful fruit in a bowl or basket that’s not too flashy, but still pleasing to the eye. It’s also a good area to place snacks for potential home buyers, like cupcakes on a pretty tray.
  • Living Room – If there’s a fireplace, draw attention to it. Whatever you put on the mantle, whether candles or a floral arrangement, make sure they’re symmetrical. Hang a beautiful mirror or large, striking painting above the sofa. Bookcases and entertainment centers are also key.
  • Master Bedroom – If there’s no bed because the previous occupants took it with them, find one for display. Place it against the longest wall, and for people to be able to walk around all sides. Smaller rooms will benefit from armless furniture, which takes up less space, and a pair of lighting fixtures if a bedside table won’t fit.

No matter how you ultimately fix up the home, be sure that it is depersonalized when viewing time comes! Nobody wants to feel like an intruder in someone else’s space, especially if they’re looking to buy a place they can settle in.


At the end of the day, return of investment is always key. You want to be able to recoup the expenses you put into raising the home’s value somehow instead of, say, breaking even. The right tricks and tweaks will get the home sold in no time!

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